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On i386 and amd64 architectures, all CD/DVD images can be used on a USB stick too.

  • Download CD/DVD images using HTTP. Many mirrors supply direct HTTP download links you can download with your browser or command line tool.
  • Buy finished Debian CD-ROMs. They are cheap - we do not make any profit with them! If your Internet connection is charged by the minute, this is your only choice. You might also consider buying the CDs if you only have a modem, as downloading the images via modem takes days.
  • Download CD/DVD images with jigdo. The "jigdo" scheme allows you to pick the fastest out of 300 Debian mirrors worldwide for your download. It features easy mirror selection and "upgrading" of older images to the latest release. Also, it is the only way to download Debian DVD images for all architectures.
  • Download CD/DVD images with BitTorrent. The Bittorrent peer to peer system lets many users cooperatively download images at the same time, with minimal load on our servers. DVD images are only available for some architectures.
  • Download live images using HTTP, FTP or BitTorrent. Also offered as a new alternative to the standard images are live images which you can use to try Debian first and then install the contents of the image.
Official CD releases are signed so that you can verify they are authentic .

Turbolinux descargar

turbolinux descargar


turbolinux descargarturbolinux descargarturbolinux descargar