Test eq dbol cycle

ok bro first off STOP !!!! you already have a great physique, you don't all these compounds that will make you loose a lot of your muscles definition. is all wrong bro. deca and dbol for that amount of weeks you planning on running it, is a NO NO. you have by what a lot of people by using AAS trying to accomplished, which is a great physique...IF, you do want to run a cycle, i think a test only ( test e or prop) along with a good clean diet will give you the edge....sust only cycle is ok, i'm just not a big fan of sust......and that's just my 2 pesos !!

Training like a bodybuilder after hitting 7x3 or 5/3/1 for a main lift is great and you'll get stronger and look amazing, but without certain assistance exercises trained for power/speed that won't shape you like a bodybuilder, you won't maximize your strength potential on the big 3. In addition, spending the first 30-45 minutes in the gym on one motion because it's so taxing to hit 80% of your 1rm for a few reps for many, many sets, leaves less room for you to focus on proportional, symmetrical growth. You're likely to then, just get bigger and stronger and look better, but slower than you would picking just one method.

Test eq dbol cycle

test eq dbol cycle


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