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Normal Nasal Mucosa and Ostea of Maxillary Sinus : Click on pictures to enlarge !!!    
Foreign Body in the Nose:   This picture shows a plastic "hot wheels" toy in the right naris of a 5 year old.  The foreign body is wedged below the middle turbinate .  Attempts at removal in the emergency room was unsuccessful and the child was taken to the operating room for removal. 

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This picture shows a wood chip foreign body in the nose.  It is located under the middle turbinate , deep in the middle meatus .  It was removed in the doctor's office under local anesthesia. 
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Epistaxis :  Search PubMed for Epistaxis This picture shows prominent anterior (up-front) septal vessels which will bleed easily.  This type of nose bleed ( epistaxis ) usually occurs in children.

Thank you for your post it is very confrontational, I would like to say that i am a “steriod user” but mine is prescribed (sustanon 250). I am 40 years of age and around a year ago decided to go on an ultra fitness fad, i had been doing gym work much longer than this but really wanted to lose fat and tone up. At the time i weighed 115kg and was flat benching 140kg for 10 reps, i weighed and counted EVERYTHING that went into my mouth and pretty much stayed at 2000-2400 calories per day but could not lose weight. I thought after some research that i maybe had a thyroid problem and went to the doctor, had some blood tests and came back with a test level of . I have done one three month cycle on sus and came off to get more blood work done and both test came back at & respectively. I am currently on 500mg of sus per week and now weigh 108kg and incline bench 140kg for 6 reps. To me it certainly gives me more lease on life as i am not as tired, feel more alive and even sleep better. I have lost a lot of BF over the past year and certainly gained muscle but the best part of all this to me if the extra energy that i have at hand.
I in no way advocate “steriod abuse or even use” to any one that does not really require it and have spoken with young guys at my gym advising them to keep off of it because what people need to realise is when your body is supplemented with test your own natural production shuts down. I do not believe that anyone who may be contemplating taking juice should do so under the age of 30 as it will only lead to long term misery, guys who are in their teens and twenties are still growing naturally and as long as you EAT well and get plenty of rest your body will do the rest for you, there is no need to plat russian roulette with your health. Use mother nature to put yourself in an anabolic state and not synthetics

Steroids small balls pics

steroids small balls pics


steroids small balls picssteroids small balls picssteroids small balls picssteroids small balls picssteroids small balls pics