Steroid sulfatase enzyme

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Restriction enzymes, such as Eco RI, are used in a wide variety of molecular genetics techniques including cloning , DNA screening and deleting sections of DNA in vitro . Restriction enzymes, like Eco RI, that generate sticky ends of DNA are often used to cut DNA prior to ligation , as the sticky ends make the ligation reaction more efficient. Eco RI can exhibit non-site-specific cutting, known as star activity , depending on the conditions present in the reaction. Conditions that can induce star activity when using Eco RI include low salt concentration, high glycerol concentration, excessive amounts of enzyme present in the reaction, high pH and contamination with certain organic solvents. [5]

As a mitochondrial P450 system, P450c11 is dependent on two electron transfer proteins, adrenodoxin reductase and adrenodoxin that transfer 2 electrons from NADPH to the P450 for each monooxygenase reaction catalyzed by the enzyme. In most respects this process of electron transfer appears similar to that of P450scc system that catalyzes cholesterol side chain cleavage. [9] Similar to P450scc the process of electrons transfer is leaky leading to superoxide production. The rate of electron leakage during metabolism depends on the functional groups of the steroid substrate. [10]

Steroid sulfatase enzyme

steroid sulfatase enzyme


steroid sulfatase enzymesteroid sulfatase enzymesteroid sulfatase enzymesteroid sulfatase enzymesteroid sulfatase enzyme