Gaining size without steroids

Hello.. Im a 36 yr old female with 2 children(bit older, not little).. By age 14 I was a D cup.. Fast forward to now. Last year I had ballooned to 103 kilo.. After losing my Grandma in July last year to diabetes I did bloodwork and saw I was on low end of possible diabetes. I made a concscious decision to change.. Since Dec I have dropped 20 kilo through diet and exercise but my breasts only saw reduction in band size.. I remain 34 GG.. I want to lose 15 more kilo but look funny in my opinion with such a large chest.. Im clueless and desperate to lose cup size.. Not sure a reduction is possible.

I was put on Ritalin as a child, and as resistant as I was (giving up the ability to tune out at will meant spending a good deal of time bored): I know that it was the right decision. My parents and teachers used that medicated interval as a “reset” period, in which I learned that I could be successful in school, in which I learned to adhere strictly to a routine and keep a planner. I also learned to ask teachers if I could tape my classes- I could! Knowing that I could go back and review the tape in the evening if I lost focus took the pressure off and, weirdly, made it easier to focus. (I think I actually had to review a tape once or twice.) Oftentimes, people with ADHD are trying so hard to pay attention that they can’t pay attention…

Gaining size without steroids

gaining size without steroids


gaining size without steroidsgaining size without steroidsgaining size without steroidsgaining size without steroidsgaining size without steroids