East german youth culture

Kujtim Gashi (1981)
Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport

High School of Economics "Ymer Prizreni"
University of Prishtina - Faculty of Education
ADSh - International Relations and Diplomacy
South East European University – Leadership and Developmental Community
Youth Work"
University of Prishtina - Faculty of Education, Branch: Leadership in Education –Master’s degree

Numerous trainings, conferences and study visits:
FROEBEL Academy - GIZ - YD
Certified in the Program: Local Economic Development Specialist
Participant in the Program: International Visitor Leadership Program, United States of America.
1. Management of youth work/methods of data collection
2. Planning of the measures and development of quality/project planning
3. Development and structure of local networks/networking
GIZ – YD – UNICEF: Development of Youth Policies
USAID: High Performance in the Youth Sector
Attended numerous workshops on drafting strategies, plans for culture
Participant in drafting the Law on Empowerment and Participation of Youth, as well as youth documents.

Member of the Kosovo Protection Corps - Liaison Company - Zone II
Founder of the student magazine “Ardhmëria”
Member of the board of the magazine “Ardhmëria”
Founder of the student organization "ShAPS"
Member of the student organization "ShAPS"
Carrier of the electoral list at the Faculty of Education
Member of the board of the Independent Student Union, Faculty of Education
Chairman of the Assembly of the Independent Student Union at the Faculty of Education
Member of the Council of the Faculty of Education
Secretary of the Democratic Youth of Kosovo, branch in Prizren
Youth Sector Coordinator – Municipality of Prizren
Chair of the Municipal Assembly of Prizren

E-mail: [email protected]
Tel: 038 211 559

The term hipster has, of course, always been notoriously slippery. Back in his 2010 book  What Was the Hipster? , Mark Greif described the term as meaning a "consumer" who "aligns himself both with rebel subculture and with the dominant class and thus opens up a poisonous conduit between the two." But in Germany, as elsewhere, the newly discovered hipster is often reduced to its more superficial component parts: "skinny jeans, a bushy beard, bright sunglasses" ( Welt ), "strange, nerdy and somehow different," ( Sueddeutsche Zeitung ), "self-important culture snobs" ( Tagesspiegel ). Here, the hipster is simultaneously a uniform, a cooler-than-thou w eltanschauung and signpost of globalized American youth culture and consumerism.

English Open Doors Program in Chile
The English Open Doors program was established in 2004 by the Chilean Ministry of Education to connect local children and teens with native English speakers. The program places native English-speakers in public schools throughout Chile to work with local teachers to plan activities and lead classes. There are no fees to participate and volunteers receive: a home-stay wit ha Chilean family, health insurance, TEFL training, access to an online Spanish course and a participation bonus of 60,000 CLP each month. Placements last from 5-11 months.

East german youth culture

east german youth culture


east german youth cultureeast german youth cultureeast german youth cultureeast german youth cultureeast german youth culture