East german trucks

I guess its just me but I would rather see Navistar die than to see VW take it over. I have fond memories of the old Internation Harvester and of the Scout, Travelall, and their pickup trucks. My granddad's 63 IH was the best truck he ever had (built like a tank). They at one time owned the large truck market and the farm equipment market. VWs have a reputation of being overpriced and unreliable. VW years ago had a good reputation with the Beetle being affordable, dependable, and easy to work on. I would rather have a Tacoma, Frontier, Equator, Colorado, Canyon, or any one of the big 3s large trucks over an Amarok. The only truck I would take an Amarok or VW truck over would be a Mahindra.

I find these trucks very fascinating and would really like to buy one I have seen many in Guatemala but not really up close and personal even seeing a 4×4 model and one in Texas that had isuzu npr cabs stacked up on it
But back in the day around the mid 80’s my father exported many vehicles to central America and he would tell of places in the northeastern states such as new Jersey where he would get these trucks, for what would be considered dirt cheap by today’s standards, and said that the guy had hundreds of them in all conditions and he had also purchased some in California and Colorado. Anyways he says that the Haitians are the ones who practically purchased all of them and shipped on was always kinda sceptical but I was talking with another older gentleman who described the exact story which couldn’t have been a coincidence

I am getting quotes from food trucks to participate at our monthly event in down town La Mesa starting Wednesday August 3, 2016 @4pm-8pm. We are on an extremely limited budget as we don’t have funding from the city, merchant association or chamber of La Mesa. I am asking for kid friendly trucks who may be interested in staring with very low inventory or risk to come and join us. We are looking for vendors willing to have a $ minimum because we do not know how many people will be at this event and although it is gaining traction throughout the community and social media. We can not assume a high risk minimum. If you are willing to start up this event with us and can see your self working with us long term please email me at [email protected]

East german trucks

east german trucks


east german truckseast german truckseast german truckseast german truckseast german trucks