East german raincoat

Just prior to World War II , ponchos were significantly improved during testing with the . Army Jungle Experimental Platoon in the jungles of Panama , incorporating new, lighter materials and a drawcord hood that could be closed off to form a rain fly or ground sheet. [7] Ponchos were widely used by United States armed forces during World War II; even lightly equipped foot-mounted forces such as Merrill's Marauders , forced to discard tentage and all other unnecessary equipment, retained their blanket and poncho. [10] During the 1950s, new lightweight coated nylon and other synthetic materials were developed for military ponchos. The poncho has remained in service ever since as a standard piece of . military field equipment. [7] Today, the United States armed forces issue ponchos that may be used as a field expedient shelter. These garments are also used by hunters , campers , and rescue workers.

Utah beach still reveals its secrets (left) .
On the left hand side is a scrunched up section of a rubberised raincoat and the shoulder loop with button, three parachute buckles one with spring clip, toothbrush, small bottle for water purification tablets. Small buckles and clips off webbing. A silver foil coffee sachet, and a piece of shaped wood possibly from a ship or landing craft. The spring at the bottom is similar to the return spring of a Jeep carburettor.
Omaha beach (right) revealed a surprise. You wouldn't expect to find over five hundred rounds of British 303 ammunition..... Also the side from a telephone wire reel, in the centre a metal handle off a canteen cup, a small round tin of pear jam this was in excellent condition full paintwork ingredients no corrosion. A large chain possibly used for lowering DUKW's and landing craft into the water from ships. The large metal object opened like a banana skin we had no idea but found about twenty or so of them, all identical it was a tube there was no base in it.
Thanks to Ken Lewis for photographs of the finds.

East german raincoat

east german raincoat


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