East german newspapers

One particularly extreme example of that is found in the papers the day after the now-immortalized worker's uprising on June 17, 1953, when the East German government brought in Soviet tanks and gunned down crowds of peaceful demonstrators. A June 18, 1953 edition of the Berliner Zeitung pinned the uprising on "fascist elements" from West Berlin, while Neues Deutschland wrote that the government had protected the city from an attack by "agents of foreign powers" and "German monopolists" who wanted to prevent the government from improving living standards in East Germany .

ARD is the joint organization of Germany's regional public broadcasting agencies. The ARD produce the principle publicly owned television channel Das Erste .

The ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen) is the second public German television channel, based in Mainz.

The ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk) is the national public service broadcaster. Based in Vienna, it dominates the Austrian media.

The SRG SSR idée suisse , located in Berne, is the Swiss public broadcasting organization.

3sat is the cultural network run by ARD, ZDF, ORF and SRG.

ARTE is a Franco-German TV network, which aims to promote quality programming related to the world of arts and culture.

(Kinderkanal) is a public, non-commercial children's TV channel based in Erfurt.

The RTL Group , owned by the German media conglomerate Bertelsmann , is Europe's largest TV, radio and production company. The primary channel of its German television stations is RTL based in Cologne.

The Group is a media conglomerate based in Berlin which owns the popular German broadcasting stations ProSieben and

East german newspapers

east german newspapers


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