Earliest use of steroids in sports

While in the late 1990’s a bottle of Androstendione, a prohormone that converts within the body to testosterone, was spotted by a reporter in the locker of then homerun record chasing Mark McGwire.  Though McGwire soon retired the story of steroids in the Major League Baseball (MLB) was exposed.  Further news of AAS exploded onto the scene when Ken Caminiti admitted using them in Sports Illustrated.  Caminiti went on to estimate player usage in the MLB at fifty percent. In a book published during this same time homerun giant Jose Canseco also admitted to abusing AAS, and raised Caminiti’s estimate to 85% of MLB players.  The league’s secret was out, and the scandals were about to begin.  Jason Giambi and Barry Bonds were both implicated and investigated, later testifying before major courts regarding their AAS histories.

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Earliest use of steroids in sports

earliest use of steroids in sports


earliest use of steroids in sportsearliest use of steroids in sportsearliest use of steroids in sportsearliest use of steroids in sportsearliest use of steroids in sports