Dbol and test e only

Your diet will predict your outcome...I gained 11lbs in 9 days on dbol, but I assure you it was water weight, but even so just monitor your BP bc dbol is notorious for helping it sky rocket esp if there is a family history of hypertension bc if thats so you may have to be on bp meds while on cycle dbol or not...I have to take bp meds temporarily with certain compounds myself...Z is right the Adex will help but not prevent so u must keep to the low salt side of things and remember to take liv supps -- Liv52 and milk thistle are the two combos in my book...I think 15lbs is a reasonable expectation for weight with the two compounds, but you may be one that hits 22 or more...Everyone is different for sure...The biggest thing I can stress is MONITOR YOUR BP DAILY...bc you could do it one day and its fine and the next day you get close or into stroke alley just like that...Don't mean to be so morbid, but Im keeping it real...Its too late when something happens...and its even worse if you know it could've been prevented bro...

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Dbol and test e only

dbol and test e only


dbol and test e onlydbol and test e onlydbol and test e onlydbol and test e onlydbol and test e only