Cyborg justino before steroids

“Before Holly signed with the UFC her management teased of an independent PPV one day between #TeamCyborg and #TeamHolm. When we both signed to the @UFC I tried to negotiate a fight as the Co-Main against Holly Holm the night Ronda fought Cat Zingano in LA. Holly fought Raquel Pennington instead, while I fought for @invictafc the night before. At #ufc198 I requested Holly, and then again when I was the main event on @fs1 for #ufcfn95. Holly won easily in Singapore, and Megan Anderson was forced to withdrawal my team again requested Holm for #ufc214. #CyborgNation has been very loud online since #ufc214 and wants #CyborgVHolm I want my next fight to be the biggest fight I can make for the fans who have supported me my entire career. #ufc219 I want to face Holly Holm in Vegas. Let the @UFCknow this is a PPV you will buy!”

TRAINING:  I live a very clean lifestyle.  I eat healthy and do not put toxins like drugs, alcohol, or tobacco into my body.  I train sport-specific in the morning, usually mixing between boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and wrestling.  I will then train again in the evening and, depending on the day, it will either be another sport-specific session or I will focus on strength and conditioning.  Depending on how close to the fight I am, I add in an additional cardio conditioning or specific recovery session.  Typically, I am training 4-6 hours a day, five days a week, with a half-day on Saturday and a rest day on Sunday.  This is my normal schedule and I have been training like this for 10 years. 

Cyborg justino before steroids

cyborg justino before steroids


cyborg justino before steroidscyborg justino before steroidscyborg justino before steroidscyborg justino before steroidscyborg justino before steroids