Cure de oral t bol

This is malevolent behavior, and the kind of thing that should disqualify anything Guerrero does or says from being taken seriously by journalists. In a just world, Guerrero would be shunned from public life and quickly identified as a scam artist who has preyed on desperate and even dying people when making any attempt to present himself as a credible fitness guru. Instead, he runs a successful business with one of the most famous athletes on the planet, and magazines like Sports Illustrated and Men’s Journal are openly endorsing his dangerous quackery.

All you need is a stock of MMS (Master Mineral Solution) and a food acid (citric acid, vinegar, lemon juice) and get on the free forum to learn how to mix them and treat everything (now, before the SHTF). All it is is Sodium Chlorite and water (about 28% solution) mixed with a 50% solution of food acid and water. You would be using drops in treatment. So you need the protocol for each disease or condition (x many drops every x many hours for x many days or weeks). You can buy sodium chlorite flakes and make it yourself. You can buy citric acid or apple cider vinegar or Real Lemon for long term storage.

Cure de oral t bol

cure de oral t bol


cure de oral t bolcure de oral t bol