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Have a concern im hoping some of you guys could help with, currently running a dbol only cycle and have been for 15days on 110mg ed, Ive noticed my strengh going through the roof from the first week, have gained 8lbs on the first week but havent weighed in this week due to having no acsess to scales, my question is however i have 500 British dragon dianabol and have lowered my dose to 50mg a day and ive noticed today my balls have gone back to there normall size? last week they where tiny, would this be coz i have lowered the dose? Ive used dbol in the past and have been training for around 6 years.

If you're looking for British Dragon steroids, understand, the old line is no more. If you find someone claiming to have original British Dragon steroids for sale, run for your life; they are either lying or getting ready to sell you one very expired product. At any rate, the new BD line does have some promise, but it's still too early to tell how it will pan out. In some ways, this new lab has hurt itself by attaching this name because so many are so skeptical due to all the scammers who tried to grab the name when the original BD first fell. Even so, there are plenty who have no idea about the fall of the original BD, more than plenty, and that's the market that brings the most money in the first place. If the new British Dragon steroids line can keep a quality product on the shelf, that's all that matters, and if that's the case, hopefully we'll see them around for a long time.

British dragon dbol for sale

british dragon dbol for sale


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