A1 pulley steroid injection

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The program of lectures and workshops will be organized in Seoul Korea same as in Montpellier France.
Lectures in Seoul will be performed by a local faculty member, under the supervision of Sang Hoon Lee.
Some lectures will be performed simultaneously by teleconference.
Xavier Capdevila Eric Viel, and Philippe Macaire will come to Seoul for lecturing and to audit the educational program.
They can decide to nominate any other specialists to visit to Seoul from their university of other university (Hong Kong…)

A pooled quantitative literature search concerning the treatment of de Quervain’s tenosynovitis compared 7 studies (a total of 459 wrists) with identical diagnostic and success criteria. 4 Average follow-up was months (range, 1 week to 7 years). There were no control groups in the studies, and none of the studies were randomized. Of the 226 cases treated with steroid injection alone, 83% were cured, though 30 of these needed a second injection. Sixty-one percent of those treated with injection and splint were cured, while 14% treated with splint alone reported cure.

A1 pulley steroid injection

a1 pulley steroid injection


a1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injectiona1 pulley steroid injection